5 Factors to Consider Before Getting Vape Pen Wholesale

5 Factors to Consider Before Getting Vape Pen Wholesale

Do you run a branded shop and think of getting custom vape in your eCommerce store? If yes, then you are probably walking on the right path. You can easily have your hand on vape pen wholesale as tons of companies are here to join hands with you.

Since tons of options are out there, it's always tricky to pick the right one. Before getting them, you must know what to look for in Vape pen wholesale. So, here are five factors that help you make an intelligent choice and don't fall into any trap.

1. Quality

Your relationship with customers totally depends on quality. If you don't offer a good quality product, you can't expect to maintain a long-term relationship with clients. Therefore, the very first thing to check before placing an order of vape pen wholesale is the quality of the product. Check what kind of oil they use and whether batteries are of premium kinds or not.

 If you doubt or some things are not clear, it's always a great idea to pick up your phone and call customer care. Once you are clear about the quality of the product, then you can place an order. Keep in mind that your customer will come back when you deliver them quality products; else, they will switch to another business. So, quality checking is a must thing, especially when you plan to grow a business over time.

2. After-Sale Service

You need to join hands with a company that offers outstanding after-sale service. You often receive an order, and it doesn't match your specification and other requirements. In the absence of excellent service, you probably feel yourself in a big problem. So, it's good to look into after-sale service. It would help if you connected with the customer care department to know how responsive and friendly they are. Ask them questions to know whether they are well-informed about the product or not. 

3. Discount

How much discount do you get from vape pen wholesale? It's a question you need to address before you make any deal. A good idea is to get a quote from different companies, compare them, and place an order afterward. It might take some time, but you will always end up with the best deal as you choose a company that offers you more discounts than others. Buying products at a low price and selling at a high market rate will help you generate more profit. Do the math and then make an order.


Always remain clear about the shipment service of a company. You can't keep your customer waiting for a product they order. So, it's good to check whether a company ships Vape pens wholesale fast or not.

5. Reviews

Customers of a company always leave reviews on forums and social media. The vape industry is flourishing, so it's not very difficult for you to look into the best ODM service provider. So, the simple idea here is to read customer reviews to find out what they are talking about as a wholesaler. If they are satisfied with the quality of product, after-sale service, and shipment, you can undoubtedly think of placing an order of vape pen wholesale. More positive reviews give you confidence that it will be a good business deal.