Another Enticing Accessory from Huawei: Supercharge Wireless Charge Stand

Another Enticing Accessory from Huawei: Supercharge Wireless Charge Stand

Huawei supercharge-wireless charge stand has come through to overhaul your charging, so it's no longer tedious but exciting. It is the most intriguing accessory on the market right now you need to check.

Huawei developers never run short of surprises. The basket that carries their ideas just delivered one cool concept that has brooded and hatched wireless-supercharger. Technology is one current sensation in town at the moment.

You could be wondering, how can this be? Is it practical to charge a phone without a cable? The answer is yes. Huawei supercharge-wireless charge stand has stepped in and revolutionized charging. All you need to do is place the phone on the stand and let it run its magic from behind the curtains.

Won't it overcharge? Is it even compatible with my set? Cool your horses; this article will uncover the ins and outs of the Huawei supercharge wireless charge stand.

Let's dive in:

How Huawei supercharge wireless charge stand executes its charging prowess

First, it borrows German TUV Rheinland technology, whereby the stand is designed to host coils that provide stable transmission. So, when you place your phone on in it, you would expect to communicate with the phone's battery, and charging begins.

Before rolling up the super easy-to-use tool, the designers were keen to ensure it passed through the safety protocols and provided easy charging without coming across as a hazard to you and a threat to your phone. For this purpose, it comes loaded with extra layers of safety precautions to guard against overcharge, overheating, and the likes.

Coming back to the design, you can think that it's an ergonomic gadget that guarantees user comfort.

But how?

Huawei supercharge wireless stand has a vertical design 

Now, the design whets your appetite to want to use it over and over again. It can tilt to an angle of 60°. It allows you to lie lazily on your cough while turning it around to check the charging progress.

There is more to it.

The components that went into making the charger stand include aluminum alloy and glass. It alone screams durability and is close to well-structured physic that appeals to a geek like you.

It does not stop there; the flexibility allows you to place your phone in a synchronized position with your current activities. You can slide your phone to lie across or stand. However, you like it to sit. It's your problem to fix.

How else does the stand benefit you?

Huawei's supercharge-wireless stand does the charging business super fast.

The maximum current crossing the coils is 40W. To someone with little knowledge about watts, it may not say much. To a technology savvy, the current that passes through your phones' battery translates to supercharging. You can have your phone streaming your favorite program and charging at the same time.

Don't worry about your phone slipping in case a call comes through. The supercharge stand has anti-slip pads that hold your phone firm so you can let it charge and focus on other important tasks at your disposal.

Huawei supercharge wireless stand cooling parameters

It has a well-coordinated cooling system. The heat fan and the air ventilator work together to keep the temperatures under control when the charger is in use. This collaboration cannot be underrated since it protects your phone against possible overheating that could damage the battery.

When charging your phone, be sure to use the recommended casing. Remember, metallic casing poses a danger not only to your phone but to you as well.

What kind of phone pairs well with Huawei supercharge wireless stand

At this point, the rod should hit the rubber. You don't want to budget for something that won't work and fail to return the value for your money.

The good news is, HUAWEI supercharge wireless charger stand has wider adaptability. It works well on both iPhone, and Android phones provided the phone supports Qi standard, cough geek! Your journey to acquiring the gadget and floating around on the same level with joneses begins with checking your phone's compatibility.

The bottom line

Huawei supercharge-wireless charger stand makes to the list of your to have items. It will not only make your charging more uncomplicated and fun but saves you the struggle to unplug your phone to answer a call. Also, you don't need to remove your phone's cover to charge it. Place it on the stand, and reach out when the battery is full.