Benefits of Prismatic Batteries for Solar Energy Storage

Benefits of Prismatic Batteries for Solar Energy Storage

When it comes to choosing solar energy batteries, you will come across prismatic cell battery options. So, what are prismatic cell batteries and what are their benefits? What are their basic design and concept? Prismatic batteries are widely popular and they offer many benefits. Learn more about these batteries in this guide.

What is a Prismatic Cell Battery?

Prismatic cell batteries feature cells stacked in columns. They store energy through the conversion of chemical potential into electrical current. These cells are usually designed rectangular and feature higher power density compared to their cylindrical counterparts.

Some of the main features of prismatic cell batteries are as follows:

  • They feature aluminum or steel to wrap around for higher stability
  • The compact design helps conserve space
  • Currently, prismatic batteries are used in electrical power systems and energy storage systems
  • Better performance in cold weather conditions
  • More robust to withstand vibrations

Design & Configuration

Prismatic cell batteries were first introduced more than three decades ago to address the need for thinner batteries. The cells are encased in a box-like package and make the most of the available space in a layered format. They provide a high level of versatility in terms of design and specifications, which increases their applications.

They usually feature aluminum housing and are available in a wide range of capacities. The housing needs to have space to accommodate for expansion or compression.

Solar Power Systems & Battery Storage Options

A typical solar power system comprises photovoltaic panels, energy storage batteries, mounting systems, and a monitoring system. The system collects the sun’s energy using the panels which is then sent to the inverter for conversion into useful electrical energy for your home, office, or industrial building. Battery storage solar power systems are more commonly used in residential settings since houses are mostly connected to the grid. Still, many others want to explore such systems as replacements for their utility supply.

An important reason homeowners are embracing solar power is to bring down their utility bills. There are different types of solar batteries that work as energy storage and backup solution when the grid fails. This includes prismatic and cylindrical batteries. While some prefer instantaneous power backup, others consider high-powered systems. The solar-powered batteries charged by your solar panels are designed to work as auxiliary power sources to your grid.

Advantages of Prismatic Cells

Prismatic cells are ideally suited for certain applications. When choosing your solar energy storage batteries, it is recommended to consider various factors including the battery backup required and the type of appliances you want to be powered. Some of the main advantages of prismatic cells are as follows:

  • The prismatic form enables better ventilation, which is good for your solar energy system
  • Compact design increases applications
  • Movement and vibration are less likely to cause failure

For more information on prismatic cells, can be just the right place. Thus, there are many reasons why prismatic batteries are often used in making solar energy storage batteries. They are reliable, compact, and often offer better energy storage capacities.