Best Ways To Deal With Pressure Washer Problems

Best Ways To Deal With Pressure Washer Problems


Pressure washers are quite expert at cleaning your patios, decks, parking lots, and sidings. This amazing equipment may be even more expensive than normal cleaning and washing tools. Therefore, you need regular maintenance for your best pressure washer for cars. If you will not take care of it then it may start showing different problems that may also affect your washing and cleaning process. If you want to fix those problems on your own without bringing your washer to any expert, then this blog is going to help you a lot. Read on to solve common problems arising in your pressure washer :

Water Leakage In Pressure Washers

Water leakage may occur due to the splitting and expansion of your plastic components in the pressure washer when it is left idle over the winter. It may also be caused due to an old pump. First of all, you should drain your unit before you store it for winter. You should make sure that it doesn't freeze wherever you place it in winter. Read the manufacturer's instructions on the user manual regarding storing your pressure washer.

Lance Failing In Pressure Washers

There may come two situations in this problem. Firstly, your nozzle might be blocked causing the water blockage in lancing. Secondly, wear and tear may cause leakage in lancing due to splitting that occurred in the lancing. To avoid this problem, you should always make sure that your nozzle lances are properly assembled before you start using your pressure washer. Make sure your nozzles are free of dust and debris while avoiding dropping your lance on the floor.

Pressure Problems

Pressure plays an important role in having an effective cleaning process through your pressure washer. If you face any problem in pressure then it may be caused due to different factors such as inadequate water supply, air stored in the inlet of hose and pump, or it may also be due to blockage of the nozzle. To solve this problem, you should clean the water filter before using it. Replace the parts if they are worn out.

Pump Failure In Pressure Washers

This type of problem is also caused by wear and tear as well as frozen water damage in your pressure washer. To solve this problem, the first step is to drain all the water before you store your pressure washer for a long time period. You should store your pressure washer in the house rather than the garage since the garage is not safe from frost. You may also replace the seal therefore you should check with the manufacturer in case of replacing them.


Troubleshooting the problems occurring in your pressure washer can sometimes be quite disturbing for you if you give pressure washing services outdoors. Therefore, you should have a discussion with the supplier or manufacturer to guide you in dealing with those problems that may occur in your future pressure washer. Apart from the problems discussed, you may also feel various other problems that you may not solve by yourself. Therefore, keeping in touch with your manufacturer can solve it all for you.