Choose the Right- Hot or Cold Pressure Washer

Choose the Right- Hot or Cold Pressure Washer

The importance of pressure washing is not something you are not familiar with. It's a cleaning process in which presser washers are being used for the washing. A pressure washer, which is the key to washing, has a lot of types for various applications.

Based on the water temperature sprinkled by the pressure washer, this tool is divided into two basic categories: hot & cold pressure washer. You might find it irrelevant of the washing and use, but both of these types have a great impact on results.

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Here we are providing you with complete detail about these types that will help you to select a better one for your applications.

Let’s jump into it!

1. Mechanism of Action

The first thing you need to know is that both hot and cold washers come up with electric and gas options. The power source of the pressure washer is irrelevant to the water temperature. However, you’ll find a few major modifications in the structure of both.

In a hot pressure washer, there is a complex system that turns the water temperature up to 200 F. This system is attached after the pump. After the water passes out of the pump, it enters into some tubes to attain a high temperature.

The cold pressure washer lacks any such system. After the water passes out of the pump, it releases outside through nozzles.

2. Performance

The performance of a hot pressure washer is better than the cold one because hot water can dislodge all the oil and grease along with dust and other particles. The removal of oil & grease is almost impossible through cold water.

However, there are many places and things at which hot water can ruin or damage the surface.

3. Applications

Hot pressure washers are specially designed for commercial applications where the oil & grease needs to be removed. This type is highly recommended for the washing of engines, motors, & machines.

On the other hand, cold pressure washers are highly recommended and popular for household applications. You can use them to perform a lot of your home tasks like washing floors, decks, lawn watering, rugs, cars, etc.

Cold pressure washers are good enough to wash everything properly except the oil and grease.

4. Price

Price is always the first concern of many customers. Hot pressure washers are relatively more expensive than cold ones. The reason is very simple and clear because these washers have a special system for hot water that makes them expensive.

The popularity of cold pressure washers is because they are user-friendly, affordable, and easy to use.

5. Flexibility

You cannot use the hot pressure washer anywhere you want because many fragile things can get damaged or ruined with the water temperatures. The hot water limits the use of these washers for specific purposes.

However, cold pressure washers can never ruin any surface or object. It is true that they are unable to remove greasy things, but they never damage the object.


If you are confused about which type you should choose, then the above-mentioned points are enough to clear your thoughts. Make sure to specify the product use before purchase. This is the only way that will take you the right way.