Freebuds: The Best Headphones For A Sensational Music Experience

Freebuds: The Best Headphones For A Sensational Music Experience

Huawei's freebuds wireless headphones are a technological marvel. With these headphones, listening to music does not have the same meaning. Indeed, their particular design allows for exceptional hearing quality.

If you like to listen to music in an immersive way, these fabulous headphones will be perfect for you. However, these beautiful headphones do not only deliver stunning sound quality. They also have a beautiful elegance with a very symmetrical housing. You can choose one of two models. One is white and the other black, but there is no difference in performance.

Enjoy exceptional acoustics without discomfort with freebuds

Nothing is easier than listening to music with the freebuds 3i cena.

Black in color, it fits perfectly to your ears without getting in the way with its bionic design. It’s like you’ve got nothing in your ear.

However, it is very stable, which is very interesting when you like to dance while listening to music. But that's not all. With its aerodynamic shape, Freebuds protect your ears and significantly reduce wind noise. In addition, for more comfort, they are equipped with silicone tips in 4 different sizes.

Enjoy your favorite melodies everywhere in the company of freebuds

These wireless headphones feature a highly sensitive diaphragm for unique and balanced sound. Thanks to its audio processor and its active noise reduction mode, it perfectly isolates external noise.

In other words, they pick up the ambient noise and neutralize it by returning the corresponding noise reduction. They are therefore intelligent headphones, which assess the level of ambient noise, adapt to it and provide a corresponding reduction.

This feature will allow you to listen to music anywhere, even in very noisy places, without realizing a thing. Thus, these headphones provide an intense and immersive hearing experience.

A zoom on the performance of freebuds

The freebuds wireless headphones feature two microphones facing outward. Their main purpose is to carefully capture the sound of your voice by reducing outside noise.

The third microphone, directed inward, picks up the sound carried inside your ear. With these three microphones, they are just as effective at taking calls as they are at listening to music. One of the major strengths of these headphones is the power with which they return notes. This is simply thanks to the 10mm driver that produces the powerful bass that they are equipped with.

The particularity of freebuds is their ergonomic in-ear design for more pleasure.


The freebuds wireless earphones are tactile. Each of them has 3 silicone microphones. Here are some features of the freebuds headphones:

  • Processor: BES2300Y Chipset;
  • 10mm in diameter;
  • Double press to control music and calls;
  • Continuous pressure to activate or deactivate the ANC;
  • Earphone charging time: 1 hour with the charging case
  • Charging box charging time: 100 minutes (wired)
  • Battery: 37mAh per earphone; 410 mAh for the charging case
  • Good and dynamic sound reproduction
  • Comfortable and stable.
  • Good reduction of surrounding noise.
  • Very good hands-free kit if the RBA is deactivated