How to Clean A Rabbit Cage

How to Clean A Rabbit Cage

A rabbit cage needs a thorough and routine cleaning, whether you ordered from the best brands or not. The cleaning process is not as regular as cleaning a cage for dogs; there are some twists. In this guide, we will undergo some of the best techniques to clean a rabbit cage.

Take out every leftover

Your rabbit feeds on little grains and leaves. The rabbit can never eat as neatly as you will eat. Hence, it is crucial that you clean the leftovers of the rabbit cage before you think of cleaning them properly.

Refill water

It is usually to have a specific bottle for your rabbit cage. That way, you can feed the rabbit to drink water quickly. When you are cleaning the rabbit cage, you can use the opportunity to clean the water bottle and refill it with water.

Take out excreted substances

Rabbits are not dirty animals naturally. They may be rough, but dirt is not their style. In their respective cages, there will be a quick corner that they dedicate for the purpose of excretion. It is your duty to pack these substances immediately. That will make the job of cleaning easier in the future.

Remove the toys

Toys are necessary to keep your rabbits active. There are specific rabbit toys sold by the people who keep rabbits for commercial purposes. These toys are necessary to know when your rabbit is in good and excellent health. However, when you want to clean, it is another opportunity to check the toys if they're still in a good state and also clean.

Clean area of the cage

A rabbit cage may not be dirty, but if the surroundings are dirty, the rabbit will not like it. You need to ensure that the area around the rabbit is completely clean on all sides.

Get cleaning materials

There are specific cleaning materials that you need to get when you want to clean a rabbit cage the right way. Some of the soaps that we buy may be unsafe because of the harsh chemicals used to build these items. So unless you have a product recommended by an expert at rearing rabbits, do not purchase. It is safer to make use of a water and vinegar solution to clean the rabbit cage. Ensure the water is at least four times more than the vinegar in the system.

Remove rabbit from cage

Your rabbit may have caused the dirt, but it does not need to know or see while you are cleaning its cage. You need to find another point in your home to put the rabbit. Ensure the location is a safe one, out of the reach of valuables, especially if you have a stubborn rabbit.


If you want your rabbit to enjoy its stay and maintain clean and good health, you need to clean its cage from time to time. It is necessary to clean the cage whenever it gets dirty, but also you need to have a routine schedule for cleaning the cage so you can ensure it is immaculate. You can follow the steps in this guide to clean your rabbit cage.