Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Memory Foam Pillow

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Memory Foam Pillow

Nowadays, the market is full of manufacturers and sellers of memory foam pillows. Thus, you are assured to find pillows of different qualities and features. You can find some gel infusions to improve temperature neutrality. Before you buy infant head pillow, you need to understand how it is constructed and the options available. These are the important factors to consider when buying a memory foam pillow.

Type of Memory Foam

Ideally, there are two major types of memory foam pillows. These are one-piece and shredded pillows. The one-piece memory foam is made of a block of foam. You can find it in a traditional or custom shape pillow. It helps reduce the curves of the neck and head. It conforms closely and has a lower response to pressure.

The shredded memory foam is blended with a range of materials, such as fiber or latex. The good thing about shredded memory is that you can adjust the pillow to your liking. Also, you can change the pillow to a given extent. It allows for higher airflow.

Sleeping Position

There is a need to consider the sleeping position because it determines the type of pillow you need to choose. If you are a side sleeper, you can opt for one-piece memory foam.


The memory foam pillow is not expensive. However, shredded ones go at a higher price. Some manufacturers provide free pillows whenever you purchase a mattress. Since memory foam has conforming abilities, it is widely used in orthopedic pillows. Thus, it can be used by persons with neck pain.


With continuous use, memory foam does lose the ability to return to its initial shape. This means it will reduce its pressure-relieving functionality. The pillow that has a higher-quality foam is likely to last longer as compared to the inferior one.


The perfect firmness level of the pillow is dependent on one’s sleeping position, personal preferences, and body type. Some memory foam pillows are soft, whereas others are hard. For instance, the one-piece memory foam provides only one firmness level. If you want a pillow that you can alter the firmness level, you should opt for the shredded memory foam.


It is advisable to look for a pillow with the perfect height or loft. This is necessary to ensure that the back and head are aligned to reduce neck pain. The shredded memory foam has removable inserts that can help change multiple settings.

Cooling Properties

As you sleep, heat builds up. This can make you feel uncomfortable and negatively impact your sleep. Some manufacturers have come up with techniques to reduce heat retention. If this is an issue, you can opt for shredded memory foam because it has adequate room for enhanced airflow.

The truth is that memory foam pillow has unmatched contouring abilities that help provide support and relief pain. Nevertheless, it has its drawbacks. The common drawback is heat retention. Moreover, it has a slower response to pressure. This means it can be ineffective when it comes to changing positions.