Maintenance Tips: How To Maintain Your Braids

Maintenance Tips: How To Maintain Your Braids

You may be one of those that find it hard to keep your braids looking healthy and shiny at all times. Or you may be the type that gets an itchy scalp when you braid your hair. This is not abnormal, and it's quite common.

These issues may result from so many reasons, including keeping your braids on for longer than is necessary, not having a healthy hair maintenance routine, or leaving your hair exposed to harsh elements.

The normal duration to keep your braids is a minimum of one month and a maximum of two months. Irrespective of the type of braids you have on, be it goddess box braids, triangle box braids, Fulani braids, lemonade braids, passion twists, knotless braids, braided bob, or any of the numerous others; maintenance is key.

To maintain your braids, moisture is everything. You need to keep your braids moisturized at all times, both during the day and at night. You could use oils or creams with a mixture of your leave-in conditioner.

Not only should you make moisturizing your braids a daily routine, but you also shouldn't forget to wash your braids every three weeks before you loosen them. Washing is an excellent means to maintain your braids, as this gets rid of built-up dirt on your scalp and hair strands, enhancing its shine.

You shouldn't just focus on maintaining your braids during the day; you also need to care for them before and when sleeping. Read on and get to know the simple ways by which you can maintain your braids at sleep.

How To Maintain Your Braids At Sleep

Cleanse your scalp

Before sleeping, cleansing your scalp is a necessary step you should take to maintain your braids. Firstly, you have to choose the right hair products that will not cause any irritations to your scalp or soak up your hair oil.

Also, you could use an oil-based cleanser on your scalp every three days, or if you have an itchy scalp, you could go with an anti-itch spritz or conditioner. If you're clueless about which products to choose from, you should ask an experienced hairstylist for further help.

Moisturize your scalp

As aforementioned, moisturizing your scalp plays an important role in keeping your braids healthy. You can do this not only during the day but also before sleeping. Pick the best oils for your hair, and apply them to every area where your scalp is exposed. This should be done every night as it will keep your hair and braids nourished even after loosening.

Use silk/satin hair wraps

Silk and satin head wraps are more or less like a shield for your hair when sleeping. This is so because of the fabrics' uniqueness, which helps avoid frizz and locks your hair's moisture in as you sleep. Such hair wraps are usually in the form of bandanas, scarves, and bonnets of different types. Note that when using this, don't tie your hair too tightly so that you don't put too much pressure on your edges.


You shouldn't treat your braids like you can't wait to get rid of them. They should be handled carefully, as your hair is your crown. Follow any of the steps listed above to maintain your braids when sleeping, and also make sure you use a silk pillowcase at all times.