Pressure Washer: A guide to your Best Hose Attachment

Pressure Washer: A guide to your Best Hose Attachment

You should know your urgent cleaning needs and the long-term needs. When you understand them, you will be able to narrow down the exact length that you need for the cleaning tasks. For a small house and car cleaning only, you need a hose length between 20 and 50 ft. it will serve you well. You need a longer hose if you have a big vehicle like a truck or a big house.

Will you need a hose extension or not?

The length of your hose determines your pressure washer's cleaning power. It's not sensible to buy a 250 ft hose, yet you have a machine with low power. It won't give you the best results because the water will not have the needed force to remove dirt. Your hose length should be compatible with your unit. Check the specs in the user manual to be sure of the exact length because the high-pressure jet wash hose attachment is a crucial factor.

Understand the hose diameter and size

Your hose diameter is essential. When using a gas-powered or electric washer for your home tasks, you can select the ¼ size. It's an ideal size for a machine that needs to produce around 2700 PSI.

If your washer can give about 3400 PSI, pick the 5/6 inch. A diameter of about 3/8 diameter is perfect for industrial or commercial tasks. The same applies to machines with above 5000 PSI.

Choose connectors

Before buying a hose, you need to check the nozzle and the faucet. Ensure the hose you are picking has a snap or twist connection that matches both the faucet and the nozzle.

Choose the material type

Your hose should be from flexible materials. PVC plastics are affordable, but they can break easily, and they aren't flexible. Using the PVC will give you issues in maneuvering and storing the hose. The rubber hose is a bit flexible. The problem is that it can leave black patches on the concrete. Polythene hose is very flexible, making it easy to manipulate and use. It can leave ugly patches on your surfaces after cleaning.

Choose a brand

Different companies use different formulas and materials to make pressure washer hoses. Check your preferred manufacturing company and select the hose you wish to buy.

Price of the hose

It's a critical factor in determining the type of hose you want to buy. Pricing of any product will base on the materials used, technology, and the purpose for that product. Different manufacturers will set different prices for their products. Check the available hoses and their prices to see if you can meet the price tag. Don't assume that the most expensive hose will guarantee good quality or service. You need to check the individual specs to see if they match the price.


Buying a pressure washer hose shouldn't be a complex task to tackle. You need to check for the above points to be able to spot the best hose that will serve you well.