Three Types Of Human Hair Bundles In The Market

Three Types Of Human Hair Bundles In The Market

All hair forms can be classified as human or synthetic depending on the hair used to construct them. Human hair has the best quality and lasts longer than synthetic. Bundles are strands of hair put together to form a batch. Human hair bundles are made differently to suit their application. Some are designed to work with closure, frontal, or as extensions. Manufacturers use varying hair to make them which influences their characteristics. This post explains the type of human hair bundles available.

Forms of human hair bundles

The three kinds are similar yet different. They are all sourced from humans but have varying features like texture. They are available in most hair stores and have separate price tags.

1.      Human hair bundles from Brazil

The bundles are commonly known as Brazilian human hair bundles. They originate from Brazil, located in the South American region based on their name. Anyone can use these bundles because of their multiple textures. It is very dense, making it more voluminous than other bundle types. It is lustrous and feels soft on the skin hence comfortable all the time. The bundles are the easiest to maintain and last longer than other bundles. You can style the Brazilian bundles by forming curls, waves or straightening them. They are not affected by heat, but the regular application is not good.

2.      Human hair bundles from Peru

Often known as Peruvian human hair bundles, they come from Peru, a country in South America.  Depending on the manufacturer, the bundles are mixed with chemicals or left in a pure state. Like the Brazilian,  they come in more coarse textures; hence they work well with most hairs. The bundles are light, airy, and have a shiny look which is quite beautiful.

Additionally, they have loose curls or straight and are generally dense. The thickness is beneficial since you'll need a few hair bundles during installation. You also achieve a fuller look faster. Peruvian hair has great style versatility, and you can curl it, make it wavy or have it straight. Pure Peruvian bundles are more costly than processed, which is excellent as it gives you a choice to select which option you want.

3.      Malaysian bundles

They come from Malaysia and have multiple textures too. Some texture examples include loose wave, body wave, Malaysian straight hair, and many more. They have a similar soft feel to the Brazilian bundles; however, they are pretty bulky. This characteristic makes the bundles uncomfortable for people with little hair to wear. A significant drawback of Malaysian hair is that it fades with time, thus losing luster. Minimal washing is recommended, deep conditioning and general proper care should be given. Malaysian bundles usually have curls or waves which stay in place even after washing. Therefore, heat application during styling may not be necessary, unlike other bundles.

Bottom line

The various human hair bundles make it easier for consumers to choose their preferred hair. The different textures are suitable for all hair types. The three types of bundles are high quality, have good density levels, easy to install, and style. They all last long must maintenance must be done based on the type. They are priced differently because of their features, so buy what fits your budget and needs.