You Must Need To Know About Applicator Bottles

You Must Need To Know About Applicator Bottles

Easy games and crafts are favorites among kids. Every parent knows their child can play happily for hours with even the most basic toy. One of the simplest things that can lead to hours of entertainment and meaningful skill development in children is the spray bottle.

As a teacher, I frequently employ the use of spray bottles in the instruction of fine motor skills to young students. Using an applicator bottle to squirt water around is a great way to get kids' hands moving and strengthen the little muscles they have there. Spray bottles are operated in a manner analogous to that of scissors, with the user pressing and releasing the trigger. Therefore, children can also use spray bottles to practice cutting with scissors. For kids who aren't like arts and crafts, spray bottles can be a fun alternative. Some enjoyable uses for spray bottles are provided below.

Tools For Watering Plants With A Spray

Put water in a spray bottle. As you stroll the yard, filling the spray bottle with water, you can apply it to the various plants and trees. A large sheet of paper should be affixed to the wall. Put some watered-down poster paint in a spray bottle. To make patterns on paper, spray the mixture.

Scrubbing Out Chalk

Use chalk to make outdoor drawings on asphalt or a huge DIY chalkboard. (A huge plank of wood painted with chalkboard paint serves as an effective chalkboard.) Distribute water-filled spray bottles to the youngsters. They can erase their artwork by spraying it with water.

Patterns Of Color

Use spray bottles containing a mixture of poster paint and water (in various colors) to create a color sequence on a huge sheet of paper hung on the wall. Get the kids to spray the same colors on the paper in the same order to recreate the original color sequence.

Time To Clean Up

Prepare a number of water spray bottles and towels. Teach kids how to clean their playthings and furniture by spraying them down with water. That's exactly the kind of thing they'll enjoy doing! It's something you can even add to a to-do list.


Get out a bunch of dolls and a bunch of hairbrushes, and play dress-up. Water spray bottles should be distributed to kids. Instruct children to place the dolls on seats. They can wet the dolls' hair with the spray bottles and then style it with the brushes.


You'll need some plastic animal figures and some water in spray bottles. Place the plastic bucket outside in your yard to store the figurines. Give the kids a spray bottle and have them clean the animals. They'll feel like real veterinarians as they examine them.

Picture-Making In The Snow

Several spray bottles with a solution of water and poster paint should be prepared for use during the winter months. Let kids play in the snow outside by spraying colored water. If it's exceedingly chilly, their works will harden.

Refreshing Oneself With Cold Air In The Summer

There are a lot of fun water activities that can be played using a spray bottle. On a hot day, kids can fill them up with water and spray their pals (or themselves) with the cool mist.

Sleep-Inducing Elixir

Glitter-filled water can be sprayed from a spray bottle. Make the bottle look fancy. Make it a routine to spray your "sweet dreams potion" all over the daycare just before nap time. Let the kids know that this potion will put an end to their nightmares and help them get a good night's rest.